Hyundai N Performance Car Concept Is Very, Very Mean

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And highlights once again that we can’t have a Veloster.

Hyundai N Performance Car Concept Is Very, Very Mean – Gallery

Dry your eyes, and get over the fact that the Hyundai Veloster won’t make it to our market in any guise, let alone as a hotted-up N model. Now that that’s dealt with, let us introduce you to the Korean company’s performance highlight at the ongoing Seoul Motor Show, the N Performance Car Concept which, as you can probably tell, is one seriously tarted-up Veloster.

It’s actually based on a Veloster N, a car that we’re made to understand is a scalpel of a hot hatch, according to people who’ve actually driven it. To that end the N Performance Car dials the already-good car up to eleven, with no less than 45 customised parts, 14 of which enhance the driving experience in some way (like the upgraded brakes, suspension, and tyres).

Going faster is all well and good, but its worthless if the entire world doesn’t know you’re in a go-faster model. And in that regard Hyundai has dressed it up with a very aggressive front bumper, an equally-aggressive rear bumper, and a hood scoop that’s been highlighted in orange just in case you risk missing it. There’s further orange applied to the bumpers, side skirts, and most notably, the side mirrors. And to ensure you absolutely don’t miss the highlights, the rest of the exterior has been given a matte-grey paint finish. 

Hyundai N Performance Car Concept Is Very, Very Mean – Gallery

If you thought Hyundai went mental on the exterior and left the cabin untouched, you’d be sorely mistaken. There are upgrades throughout the interior like the replacement of most of the trim and upholstery in carbon fibre and Alcantara, like on the headliner, steering wheel, dashboard, pillars… the whole gamut, basically.

Thanks to the extensive use of weight-saving material, the N Performance Concept Car shaves some 30kg off the weight of the regular Veloster N, which is great, given the engine hasn’t been touched. As such expect to find 202kW and 353Nm, with power going to the front wheels via a short-throw 6-speed manual gearbox.

Before you dismiss this as a filler article with no real value for the Aussie market, know that the N Performance Car is meant to be a clothes horse of sorts for the aesthetic & performance upgrades, which will be unveiled later in the year as official accessories for not only the Veloster, but for other members of the Hyundai N lineup. Which means that if you like those alloys, or maybe even that front bumper, you could perhaps have them on your Hyundai i30N or i30 Fastback N at some point. See, not a total waste of time.

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