Hyundai i30, Honda Civic Hatch Get 5-Star ANCAP Scores

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Hyundai i30, Honda Civic Hatch Get 5-Star ANCAP Scores

Crash test and vehicle safety evaluators ANCAP have released their ratings for two important cars to arrive in Australia, namely the Hyundai i30 and Honda Civic hatch. Thankfully, and unlike the underperforming Great Wall Steed pick-up, both these cars took full 5-star scores.

In addition to the three mentioned above, an equally high 5-star overall score was awarded to the Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo Activity and BMW’s new G30 5 Series, though that was only reserved for the 520d variant. 

The i30’s score here is the most pertinent as the Korean marque’s much anticipated follow up to their popular second-generation model will likely have sway over many buyer decisions. ANCAP elected to base it on the performance of the Elantra sedan, which they have determined to be structurally and mechanically similar to the all-new i30 to a large enough extent to permit having the score carried over. 

Hyundai i30, Honda Civic Hatch Get 5-Star ANCAP Scores

It took an overall score of 35.01 out of a possible 37 points based upon the Elantra’s crash test results and the level of safety equipment available on the third-generation i30. Dual front, side chest, and curtain airbags are standard, meanwhile active safety features such as autonomous emergency braking, lane support systems, and blind spot monitoring are available on select variants. 

On to the Honda Civic hatch, which unsurprisingly is just as safe as the 10th-generation Civic sedan that arrived last year. Of course, then, a 5-star safety rating is guaranteed, and the hatch even shares the exact same crash test scores to end up with an identical overall score of 34.68 out of a possible 37. 

Like the Hyundai, the Civic hatch has dual front, side chest, and curtain airbags as standard while the more advanced pre-collision systems such as AEB, blind spot monitoring, and lane keep assist are given to higher variants. 

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