Hyundai Gives Rimac €80mil And Asks For Help

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The Croation-Korean marriage will result in some ballistic cars.

Hyundai Gives Rimac €80mil And Asks For Help – Gallery

It’s been announced that the ginormous Hyundai Corporation (which owns the eponymous car company as well as fellow marque Kia) will be investing some €80-million into Croatian EV force Rimac, tying them together to forward the Korean’s dreams of having at least one EV hypercar and god knows what else in their range of high-performance ’N’ models.

This is just the latest development in Rimac’s story, with the company already courted by Aston Martin & Jaguar for bespoke projects like the Valkyrie and E-Type Zero respectively, while Porsche took a greater interest in the company and acquired 10% of Rimac last year. Koenigsegg works with Rimac too – basically, Hyundai’s sitting in some pretty impressive company.

They’re already plotting a course post-investment though, with Hyundai making clear that Rimac will assist them in the development of an EV prototype of an N performance car, as well as for a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle that’ll hopefully debut next year.

Hyundai Gives Rimac €80mil And Asks For Help – Gallery

Hyundai themselves are keen to give N a zero-emissions halo model in order to solidify its position as the no-compromise, forward-thinking performance arm, and an EV hypercar would be the best way to do just that. This isn’t a way for Hyundai to get ahead of the EV trend as some suggest, as Hyundai and Kia have both released fully-electric SUVs over the last few months, bringing zero-emissions mobility to a more palatable pricepoint. We reckon that the venture between Rimac & Hyundai will be purely of a high-performance nature but hey, we enjoy the occasional surprise.

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