Haval H2, H6 Now $1000 Cheaper To Drive-Away

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Do they have your attention now? 

Haval H2, H6 Now $1000 Cheaper To Drive-Away – Gallery

Plucky Chinese SUV marque Haval has revised the prices of two of its models, to try and make them even more attractive to price-conscious buyers in the segment. The small H2 and larger H6 have seen their entry-level variants get a little sharper in pricing, with both cars now that much easier to bring home.

The H2 Premium Automatic can now be brought home for just $22,990 drive-away, while the H6 Premium has had its price lowered to $28,990. Both the new drive-away prices represent a $1000 savings over their original pricetags, though that saving is only on the H2 Premium Auto and H6 Premium – all other variants maintain their existing prices.

Haval H2, H6 Now $1000 Cheaper To Drive-Away – Gallery

The H2 Premium auto is where we’ll start. The compact H2 has been on our shores since 2015, but this is perhaps the most affordable its been to bring one in since the model arrived on our shores. Despite being two-wheel drive, the H2 Premium isn’t exactly specced like a Turkish prison: You get 18-inch alloys, a sunroof, two-tone paint, keyless entry & go, automatic lights and wipers, and even a 7.0-inch infotainment screen.

And under the bonnet, there lies a 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol mill that puts out an adequate 110kW and 210Nm, with a six-speed automatic doing transmission duties. From our experience, the engine is punchy enough in town but quickly runs out of puff, and fuel consumption is not as low as you’d think it ought to be.

Haval H2, H6 Now $1000 Cheaper To Drive-Away – Gallery

If your eyes are set on an H6, then at least you get a more powerful 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol mill. With 145kW and 315Nm and a six-speed dual clutch automatic, in a drag race, you’d leave an H2 for dead. Not that that’d be happening often, of course. Most of the time, you’d be appreciating the H6 Premium’s niceties like blind-spot monitoring, 360º parking sensors, reversing camera, keyless entry & go, and dual-zone climate control.

And all of that can be yours for just $28,990 drive-away. The H2 and H6 Premiums will still enjoy a 5-year warranty coverage from Haval despite the price cuts, which should make the two Chinese family wagons truly very compelling indeed.

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