GM To Relaunch Hummer As EV Brand?

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That’s… brave.

GM To Relaunch Hummer As EV Brand – Gallery

It seems that General Motors is thinking about reviving the long-dead Hummer brand, for the oddest of reasons. Rather than bringing it back perhaps to capitalise on the SUV mania that’s taken over the world, GM instead has ideas of bringing the brand back to be its EV halo marque, which to us is the funniest thing we’ve read this week.

According to insiders speaking to Bloomberg, GM execs are mulling the idea over amongst themselves with no concrete plans in place, as there would be multiple hurdles in reintroducing a brand, let alone one synonymous with a petrol-gulping to-hell-with-the-environment image.

GM To Relaunch Hummer As EV Brand – Gallery

There is some logic to it though: The sources report that there’s decent traction to the idea, given that the marriage between the rugged & tough image of the Hummer brand and the zero-emissions mobility solutions of tomorrow would make it undeniably cool. But again, they’d have to get over the image problem, as well as the fact that they’d need some sort of distribution solution, as they want to move away from establishing stand-alone dealerships in order to keep the costs down.

Even if a Hummer-EV came into fruition, we wouldn’t see it for a while. GM would ideally want this suggested Hummer-EV to launch alongside the GM electric pick-up, which itself is quite far away. GM’s president Mark Reuss has said that the EV pick-up wouldn’t be launched until it could be priced comparatively to the internal-combustion models, being able to offer all the capability with none of the emissions. That reality is still a long way off.

GM To Relaunch Hummer As EV Brand – Gallery

But until then, GM’s already got a small electric crossover in the pipeline to complement the Chevrolet Bolt, which should help keep the company’s fleet-wide emissions in check.

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