GM, Isuzu Go Separate Ways On Ute Tie-Up

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GM, Isuzu Go Separate Ways On Ute Tie-Up

In 2014, GM and Isuzu struck up a collaborative deal that would see them both working in tandem to create the next generation of Holden Colorado and Isuzu D-Max pick-ups. But recently, both companies have called it quits.

This dissolution means that the possibility of a very similarly engineered ute, each from Isuzu and GM and manufactured in Thailand, would not come to be. Of course, it’s hard to say which side the balance tips in favour of. In other words, would the next Colorado be more D-Max, or vice versa?

GM, Isuzu Go Separate Ways On Ute Tie-Up

In a statement, General Motors said: “GM and Isuzu have agreed to cease the joint development program for the next-generation midsize pick-up truck for General Motors International (GMI) markets. GM and Isuzu greatly value their relationship and will continue to collaborate on a range of projects across sales, vehicle parts and manufacturing in North and South America, Africa and Asia,”

Both GM and Isuzu agree that due to unique requirements for each company, joint development of the next-generation pick-up truck for GMI markets is no longer the optimal model for this project. GM is finalising its next-generation pick-up truck strategy for GMI and will share its plans in due course.”

GM, Isuzu Go Separate Ways On Ute Tie-Up

Also unclear is whether Mazda’s recent partnership with Isuzu toward a common pick-up goal had anything to do with Isuzu parting ways with GM. All three companies, after all, do offer their own one-tonne utes at quite similar prices and capabilities.

Automakers working together to develop similar vehicles to be sold under their respective badges isn’t unheard of or even uncommon anymore, especially when it comes to pick-ups for whatever reason.

GM, Isuzu Go Separate Ways On Ute Tie-UpGM, Isuzu Go Separate Ways On Ute Tie-UpGM, Isuzu Go Separate Ways On Ute Tie-Up

Mazda had previously collaborated with Ford to come out with the current BT-50 and now Isuzu will have a large role in the roll out of the next version. Other than that, Renault has used the Nissan NP300 Navara to create the Alaskan ute, and Mercedes-Benz will reportedly also use the Nissan as a base for their own load-lugger.

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