GFG Style Has An Electric Saloon Concept For Geneva

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And it’ll be on roads by June, sort of. 

2018 GFG Style Concept

Giorgetto Giugiaro is a name that some, if not all of you will be familiar with. His surname especially has adorned some of the most beautiful cars in the world, like the Maserati Ghibli, the Iso Grifo, the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint, and even the Volkswagen Golf Mk1. After having parted ways with Italdesign, Giorgetto teamed up with his brother Fabrizio, a fellow automotive designer that has also dabbled in industrial design and automotive aesthetic development, and set up GFG Style in 2015.

Partnered with Envision Energy, GFG will be bringing an electric, performance, four-seater, four-door saloon concept car to the upcoming Geneva motor show, and promises to bring to life their shared vision of future mobility, marrying future-thinking design and the (claimed) sophisticated EnOS energy platform together in perfect harmony. 

2018 GFG Style Concept

Envision Energy is the second-largest wind turbine manufacturer in China, and claims itself to be the “largest smart energy asset management company” in the world. The GFG concept car keeps in line with Envision’s, er, vision for the future, where cars will integrate seamlessly into the “Internet of Energy.”

“Envision partnered with GFG Style to bring to life our shared vision of the future of mobility. Our concept car combines Mr. Giugiaro’s iconic future-thinking design with our EnOS energy platform, together redefining the future of the motorcar. It is inspired by our commitment to create a sustainable future, where everyone has access to clean, secure, and affordable energy. Beautiful energy.” — Lei Zhang, Chief Executive, Envision Energy
2018 GFG Style Concept

Without naming anyone in particular, this sleek, low-slung luxury saloon is clearly targeting the same corner of the market that’s presently being monopolised by the Tesla Model S, but will soon welcome contenders like the Lucid Air and the upcoming Jaguar XJ into the fold. Of course, while the aforementioned cars are either in-production or are headed to production, the GFG Style concept remains a design study for the time being.

“I think that beauty is always a matter of proportions and we are not yet ready to accept styling cues that are too revolutionary; so this styling exercise, although it is a show car in the millennium of technological communication, is a sober attempt to reintroduce themes that I have dealt with in the past for vehicle safety, offering a whole series of information for the users as well as for the world outside.” — Giorgetto Giugiaro, Chief Executive, GFG Style
2018 GFG Style Concept

The GFG Style concept will be unveiled at the Giugiaro booth at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, where we’ll get to glean more details on this rather curious design study.

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