Ford Says There’s Life Yet In The Mondeo – Report

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Ford Says There’s Life Yet In The Mondeo – Gallery

American carmaker Ford is said to remain faithful to its long-lived Mondeo, saying that the much-loved family saloon will live on despite Ford Europe’s plans to overhaul its product offerings there. UK publications carried reports stating that the end was nigh for the Mondeo, prompting the response from Ford themselves.

The Mondeo will remain a “core part” of Ford’s European lineup, with “upgrades coming for Mondeo later this year,” replete wth “enhancements to the Mondeo Hybrid range,” the latter of which we don’t get here. This could signal some upgrades for Australian-market cars, but don’t hold your breath. 

Ford Says There’s Life Yet In The Mondeo – GalleryFord Says There’s Life Yet In The Mondeo – Gallery

According to Automotive News Europe, the culling of the Mondeo along with other models that could result in the demise of up to 24,000 jobs. Speculation has been rife since Ford Europe announced they would have to go quite the distance to get its European arm operating profitably and cost-efficiently, including culling a lot of the lineup that we might be familiar with now.

In addition to wiping out rumours of the Mondeo’s demise, Ford Europe also denied rumours that its S-Max and Galaxy people movers were on the chopping block. Both models are produced in Valencia, Spain, and are made alongside the Kuga & Connect models. The over-3000 employees there were understandably nervous too, though Ford has said reassuringly that the Valencia plant will continue as-is.

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