Ford’s New Focus ST Estate Is Drool-Worthy

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But of course, we won’t get it.

Ford’s New Focus ST Estate Is Drool-Worthy – Gallery

There’s an unexplainable link between estate cars and motoring hacks because, with the exception of the odd outlier, anyone capable of linking words together and was born with an octane rating has a deep love for the estate car. Ford knows this of course, which is why their Focus ST warm-hatch has just been given a bit of a butt-job, birthing the all-new Focus ST estate, which goes on sale in the UK today.

Ford has a history of dressing up its ST cars in retina-searing colours and so when the Focus ST hatch debuted in sombre-blue, we were a touch disappointed. We reckon that Ford UK must’ve heard the collective whinging from motoring hacks and so the ST estate has been given a properly-bright hue as its hero colour. Other than that it’s a pretty demure looking thing, with only subtleties like the aggressive rear spoiler and bumpers, as well as alloys, exhaust tips and brake calliper covers giving away its true potency.

Ford’s New Focus ST Estate Is Drool-Worthy – Gallery

The ST estate will be available with the 2.3-litre EcoBoost (described by ford as “free-revving”) with 206kW and 420Nm, but also as a 2.0-litre EcoBlue diesel for those who absolutely must make concessions towards practicality and sensibility. Stick with the proper engine (that’d be the petrol) and you’ll be rewarded with an engine that’s awesome to listen to and amazingly responsive. Additionally you can get this engine with a 6-speed manual, though there’s a 7-speed auto should you need it (diesel gets manual only).

There’s a maximum cargo capacity of 1653L to be had with all the passenger seats folded, though the Focus ST estate should hardly be considered as a regular load-lugger. We’d advise prospective owners to think of the Ford Focus ST estate as more of a hot hatch with room for an enormous dog, as well as ‘Track’ mode and launch control. Putting dog, track mode, and launch control together is not advisable, though.

Ford’s New Focus ST Estate Is Drool-Worthy – Gallery

We’re very sad that Ford Australia has no plans as yet to offer this car locally, as this would’ve been a fabulous option for auto-journos to stand out from the crowd and be immediately identifiable. But no one else is sad because no one else buys them here it seems, so we’re off to go cry in a corner all by our lonesome.

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