Ford Falcon GT Returns To Production

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For the first time in 37 years, new Ford Falcon GTs are coming down the assembly line at Ford Australia’s Broadmeadows headquarters.

Return of GT signals the resumption of FPV production following the shift back in-house.


The first of the new generation FPV cars was appropriately a GT V8 in Silhouette Black with Black Shadow interior leather.

Currently the FPV range consists of three six-cylinder and five V8-powered high-performance Fords.


Of course the GT is powered by the ‘Miami’ supercharged 5.0-litre V8 engine (assembled at Ford Australia Geelong engine plant) and based on the ‘Coyote’ V8 fitted to the Mustang GT in North America. In a process similar to that employed by Nissan in Japan with the GTR, one Ford technician builds each V8 engine from start to finish and signs the block on completion.


To provide the level of expertise and detail demanded by FPV customers, Ford has built a dedicated FPV facility within the Broadmeadows plant. Each car is made to a rolling chassis on the normal assembly line and then hand-finished in the FPV facility.


The full FPV range is:

GS Ute 315kW Supercharged V8 $52,990
F6 Ute 310kW Turbocharged I6 $55,990
GS Sedan 315kW Supercharged V8 $57,870
F6 Sedan 310kW Turbocharged I6 $64,390
GT Sedan 335kW Supercharged V8 $70,790
F6-E Sedan 310kW Turbocharged I6 $76,440
GT-P Sedan 335kW Supercharged V8 $82,040
GT-E Sedan 335kE Supercharged V8 $82,490

Limited Edition Models:
GT-RSPEC Pursuit Ute 315kW Supercharged V8 $57,990
GT-RSPEC Sedan 335kW Supercharged V8 $76,990

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