Ford Confirms Ranger Raptor, Here 2018

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One of the best utes out there just got hot. Really hot.

2018 Ford Ranger Raptor Incoming

Today, the Ford Motor Company has officially announced the impending arrival of the Ford Ranger Raptor off-road performance ute, and with it, confirmed its offering in Asia Pacific come 2018. Dubbed as a purpose-built desert-racing superute, the Ranger Raptor will soon be a welcome addition to the Ford Performance range of models.

The Ranger Raptor promises the kind of visual presence that will instantaneously mark it out as a uptuned, reworked, high-performance workhorse, with a design that will exude its tough-as-nails credentials while leaving practicality and off-road ability uncompromised. The amount of work that has gone into the Ranger Raptor is best personified in its name, Raptor, which it will share with the F-150 Raptor that continues to stand as a resounding force in the high-performance off-roader class.

2018 Ford Ranger Raptor Incoming
“We are very excited to bring Asia Pacific’s toughest and smartest [ute] to a whole new level. Ranger Raptor will offer Ranger fans a fantastic opportunity to own an authentic off-road performance version of their favourite [ute] for the first time.” — Trevor Worthington, Vice President of Product Development, Ford Asia-Pacific

The Ranger is easily one of the most successful utes in the market, and so the Raptor is expected to capture the hearts and minds of Ranger fans like never before. Thrilling off-road performance is promised (and will be delivered, no doubt), paired with bold styling that will represent a new and distinctive breed of performance ute.

“Combining the Raptor’s advanced off-road capabilities with the versatility of the Ranger is a significant accomplishment for Ford’s world-class engineering and design teams.” — Jamal Hameedi, Chief Engineer, Ford Performance

The Ranger Raptor’s exact introduction date remains a mystery, though we’re 100% certain that it’s coming next year. We insist that you watch the video above to get an idea of what exactly the Ranger Raptor promises, and do so with headphones: It sounds glorious.

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