Fiat Concept Centoventi Is “Affordable But Cool”

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Sure it is, Fiat.

Fiat Concept Centoventi Is “Affordable But Cool” – Gallery

Italian marque Fiat, known currently for making lots of variants of the Fiat 500 which are all varying flavours of rubbish, have revealed what might end up replacing the ageing 500 (and hopefully its cousins too). It’s called the Concept Centoventi which, Fiat claims, was designed & envisioned around the ‘ABC’ design concept of ‘Affordable But Cool.’

The Centoventi is meant to resemble a ‘black canvas’ at first, with customisation options available to buyers at reasonable prices, allowing them to tailor their Centoventi to their precise desires. You can choose between four roofs, four bumpers, four wheels, and four exterior wraps, to ensure that your Centoventi is uniquely yours.

Fiat Concept Centoventi Is “Affordable But Cool” – Gallery

It’s not just the exterior that’s customisable, with the interior featuring all sorts of switchable bits and pieces to maximise the functionality of the cabin. The rear bench can be slid, you can add a speaker to the dashboard, you can mount a child seat… anything you want, it can be done in the Centoventi.

It’s the same with the drivetrain too. It comes at standard with a battery pack that supplies a 100km range, but you can choose a battery pack with as much as 500km. And ingeniously, the battery pack can be removed and charged separate from the car, meaning you can charge a battery pack at home while still using your car to run urban errands, sort of like how you’d charge the batteries on an e-bike.

Fiat Concept Centoventi Is “Affordable But Cool” – Gallery

We can’t help but wonder if Fiat will actually put this into production, in one form or another. They’ve been making the 500, 500X and 500L since shortly after Noah parted the Red Sea, and they feel it. So could this perhaps be the long-awaited successor to the 500?

Time will tell. But kill the damned 500 already.

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