Ferrari Teases New Flagship Hybrid Supercar

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New Ferrari Mid-Engine Hybrid Beast Coming May 31st

The much-rumoured all-new Ferrari has been teased ahead of its reveal in Maranello, as the company has begun hyping with some very red pieces of media with the tagline “Dare To Imagine”.

Hours from now, Ferrari will be pulling the wraps off their new flagship supercar, one that will sit at the helm of its non-limited production line-up above the 812 Superfast. While that was previously always held by something with a twelve-cylinder engine, this new model adopts some different strokes.

Ferrari’s P80/C Is A One-Off Track Machine Of Dreams

First of all, it will be mid-engine, and might unsurprisingly bear quite a resemblance to the recent F8 Tributo which replaced the 488 GTB. That said, it will be priced much higher up the range and will be capable of much more performance thanks to its hybrid powertrain.

While details have not been confirmed, the smart money points to Ferrari marrying their hybrid technology, much the way it was seen in the LaFerrari, with their 3.9-litre bi-turbo V8 to create a machine that approaches hypercar levels of capability.

New Ferrari Mid-Engine Hybrid Beast Coming May 31st

Some are projecting 750kW of total system output and perhaps 1,000Nm of torque. If true, competitors such as the Lamborghini Aventador and McLaren 720S have a lot to be worried about.

However, this new model is unlikely to be an all-out track-muncher but rather something more daily-drivable with modern luxuries and comforts - it just so happens it might be able to thunder around Fiorano faster than any road-legal Ferrari that’s come before, including the LaFerrari.

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It’s hard to say just how the most ardent fans of the marque will feel about a hybrid model taking the top spot of the Ferrari hierarchy, and couple that with it featuring a V8 and not the requisite V12.

Then again, it might be the case that the level of performance on offer will silence the naysayers by sheer force of horsepower, quite literally. The cynic could also point to this being another stepping stone on its way capturing more customers, with the hybrid powertrain likely to appear in their upcoming SUV, the Purosangue.

With any luck, it might even resemble the achingly beautiful one-off P80/C.

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