Ferrari 2022: V6s, Hybrids, And 15 New Cars – Report

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New boss Camilleri wants to ensure Ferrari stays ahead.

Ferrari 2022: V6s, Hybrids, And 15 New Cars – Gallery

Fabled Italian carmaker Ferrari has today detailed its business plans to take it through to 2022, making clear its goals and intentions following the sudden demise of its former captain, Sergio Marchionne. The new boss, Louis Camilleri, has inherited a company that is arguably in top shape, but he’s now laying down plans that’ll keep Ferrari in top shape  in the years to come.

The automotive industry is changing rapidly, with greater emphasis put on sustainability and emissions regulations with every passing day. It is a juncture in the history of the motorcar where no company can be caught being complacent, let alone a company like Ferrari that’s built its reputation on powerful, characterful naturally-aspirated engines. Big changes are needed to keep the company ahead of the curve and at the head of the pack, and Camilleri is not shying away from making tough calls.

Ferrari 2022: V6s, Hybrids, And 15 New Cars – Gallery

For starters, Ferrari will soon adopt a four-family product strategy: There will be a Sports series, a GT series, a Special Series, and a hypercar series (preliminarily called Icona). The SUV that Marchionne locked in before his untimely departure will inhabit the GT family of cars with its plug-in hybrid powertrain – but no other details were given on the model, suggesting a launch date that might not be as soon as previously thought.

Next, the Sports series (which Ferrari says comprises of the 488 & 488 Spider as well as the 812 Superfast) will get a brand-new mid-engined model, which they weirdly say will be “a real supercar in the standard range,” according to UK portal Autocar. That statement sounds strange because to this writer, the 488 certainly felt like a supercar…

Ferrari 2022: V6s, Hybrids, And 15 New Cars – Gallery

Additionally, Ferrari has already begun work on (gasp!) a new V6 engine, that will purportedly mash turbocharging and electric-hybrid innovations to boost performance and lower emissions. They didn’t go into detail as to where this hybrid powertrain will be used, but they did say that their goal is to get petrol-electric hybrid technology so span at least 60% of its product range by 2022.

Ferrari did not say much about its flagship LaFerrari, or more specifically, what will follow it, suggesting that it’s part of the company’s plans but will likely come around sometime after 2022. Despite not talking about its hypercar halo, they did talk about what they’re doing to power it: Work has begun on the powertrain that’ll run the next-generation car, and mercifully, it’ll remain a naturally-aspirated V12 for the foreseeable future. Phew.

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