Facelifted ’19 BMW 7-Series Got A Bad Nose Job

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But it’s looking mighty-fine down the rear.

2019 BMW 750Li xDrive

German luxury carmaker BMW have given their flagship 7-Series limousine a facelift for the 2019 model year and with it, introduced the single most divisive face in the segment (even the Lexus LS has more outright fans in the CarShowroom office). In addition to the usual array of intelligent features and updated functionality, this LCI model (that’s what BMW calls their facelifted cars) will be most memorable for its enormous schnozz.

Some may deem it unfair to level so much disdain to one element when in reality, the grille works in concert with other design touches to achieve maximum discomfort. The nose is now 50mm higher than it used to be, it houses a larger badge than before, and the nose is flanked by a pair of slim headlights in a similar vane as BMWs X7 & X5. Those headlights are smart-LED units as standard, but can be optioned up to Laserlight units, of course.

The rear was not spared in the life-cycle update either, as it now sports a full-width LED light bar, 3D taillights, and a more complex bumper surface.

2019 BMW 750Li xDrive2019 BMW 750Li xDrive

Inside is where the 7-Series has gotten smarter for the new model year, incorporating the latest BMW OS7.0 infotainment system into the dual-10” screens. OS7.0 offers things like a more customisable user experience & faster response times, but it also benefits from a natural voice input function, meaning you can just say ‘Hey BMW!’ and the car will execute your command within a set of predetermined parameters.

Much has been done to improve the comfort in the 7-Series (not that that was a real issue), and these include a more extensive options list, a wider range of Nappa leather upholstery, and improved NVH levels. The NVH improvements come with the addition of more sound insulating material into the rear wheel arches, seat backrests, seatbelt compartments and B-pillars, and a more solid seal incorporated into the window frames. 

2019 BMW 750Li xDrive

The 2019 BMW 7-Series will be available globally with a variety of powertrain options:


Fuel Type


Power (kW)

Torque (Nm)

BMW M760Li xDrive


6.6-Litre V12



BMW 750i/Li xDrive


4.4-Litre V8



BMW 745e (PHEV)


3.0-Litre I-6



BMW 750d/Ld xDrive


3.0-Litre I-6



BMW 740d xDrive


3.0-Litre I-6



BMW 730d


3.0-Litre I-6



The BMW 7-Series also comes with the usual array of active driver assist features, including things like adaptive cruise control, advanced lane-keep assist, AEB, rear cross-traffic alert, and automated parking. There are also things like active rear-wheel steering & air suspension that utilises forward-facing cameras to ‘prepare’ itself for the surface ahead, ensuring you never spill your cocktail in the back.

2019 BMW 750Li xDrive

The new BMW 7-Series will go into production in March, meaning it’s likely that we’ll see this car arrive on our shores sometime within the middle of the year. Expect to see the model range carry over into the facelift (so it’ll be 730d, 740i/Li, 750i/Li, and 745e in place of the current 740e iPerformance). Prices shouldn’t be too upset either, but we predict a slight rise to reflect the more generous kit list and additional chrome necessary for the nose.

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