Ex-Nissan Boss Carlos Ghosn Fled Japan For Lebanon In An Instrument Case

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Carlos Ghosn Talks Of “Plot & Treason,” And “Distortion Of Reality” – Gallery

The former boss of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, whose been on house arrest since being released on bail after spending 108 days in a Japanese prison, has just surfaced in Beirut.

It’s understood that in addition to Ghosn’s ¥1-billion ($13.1-million) bail bond, the Lebanese-French-Brazilian was also required to surrender his passports to his lawyers and remain under constant surveillance. His home in Tokyo, the only place he’s permitted to stay, has been outfitted with cameras to keep an eye on Ghosn, and its internet has been disconnected. He can only access a computer at his lawyers’ offices.

Carlos Ghosn Talks Of “Plot & Treason,” And “Distortion Of Reality” – Gallery

According to a report by a Lebanese TV channel - MTV - Ghosn escaped this Tokyo home with the assistance of paramilitary forces disguised as a Gregorian music band. The former CEO – who is 167cm tall – was hidden in a large music instrument case.

He was then whisked away to a nearby airport where a private Bombardier Challenger jet was waiting to fly him out of the country. According to the MTV report, the jet entered Lebanon from Turkey where he entered on a French passport. The report went on to question how he obtained a passport as all his passports were still back in Japan with his lawyers. A spokesperson for Ghosn confirmed he used a French passport but would not disclose how he left Japan.

After emerging in Beirut, the 65-year old declared in a statement to the media, saying: I have not fled justice. I have escaped injustice and political persecution.”

Carlos Ghosn Talks Of “Plot & Treason,” And “Distortion Of Reality” – Gallery

Interestingly, Japan and Lebanon do not have an extradition deal which means the future of his trial is fraught with uncertainty. According to a report by the BBC, Japan gives millions of dollars in aid to Lebanon and would likely want Ghosn returned.

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