Elon Musk Tweets Tesla Ute Teaser That Everyone Missed

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Because what good is a tease if no one noticed?

Elon Musk Tweets Tesla Ute Teaser That Everyone Missed – Gallery

A Tesla event isn’t really a Tesla event unless there was something snuck into the slides, or into the corner of the venue, or so on. And it seems that during the hubbub surrounding the launch of the Model Y SUV, we all missed out on a teaser of the “Tesla cyberpunk truck.”

Apparently an image was flashed on the screen behind the event for a few seconds, but we sure as hell didn’t notice.

It’s been said before by Musk that the Tesla ute would be a “really futuristic-like cyberpunk, ‘Blade Runner’ pickup truck,” which as far as we’re concerned means it’ll look like no other Tesla that’s come before it. The teaser image given looks rather vague to us, frankly. We don’t know if that’s the front-end with a full-width light-bar, or the rear end with a bed-cover.

The chatty CEO also mentioned that the ute would pack a highly-advanced suspension system that would adjust the spring rate, compression and rebound depending on the load being carried, allowing for uncompromised ride & handling regardless of the situation. Additionally, he has mentioned previously that the ute would offer a 360º camera system, autonomous parking, and sonar.

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