Citroen DS3 Crossback Patents Look Funny

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Citroen DS3 Crossback Patents Look Funny – Gallery

Nascent French luxury marque DS, after having been spun-off from Citroen, is enjoying quite a bit of success. Its DS7 Crossback SUV is now its sales leader, expectedly given the popularity of SUVs at the moment, as well as the unbelievably pretty details. DS wants to capitalise on that popularity and introduce another SUV, though if these patent images are to be believed, the DS3 Crossback might have a bit of a hard time.

The DS7 Crossback might look a little derivative (it bears more than a passing resemblance to the Audi Q5 to these eyes), it is at least pretty. Revel in the details and it all just looks unbelievably chic. But the patent images of the DS3 Crossback reveal a rather… confusing looking compact SUV that certainly hasn’t won a fan here.

For starters, those headlights are properly odd, for obvious reasons, and the way they interact with the swoopy LED daytime running lights are equally strange. The DS grille now looks a bit like the mouth of a fish, and the chrome brightwork will do little to aid the situation, we think.

Citroen DS3 Crossback Patents Look Funny – GalleryCitroen DS3 Crossback Patents Look Funny – GalleryCitroen DS3 Crossback Patents Look Funny – GalleryCitroen DS3 Crossback Patents Look Funny – Gallery

Move down the side an the wheels look comically small for the new baby Crossback, and their decision to retain the DS3 hatch’s ‘Shark fin’ design element for the rear is truly awful. Move to the rear and everything seems to be alright with the world again, though the faux air vents beneath the slim taillights may be a point of offence with some.

As for the interior, it’s clear that DS wants to use as many diamond-like shapes as possible, with the whole cabin feeling quite a bit different from what we’ve seen in their newer cars. What is familiar is the central tunnel and its array of switches, because that looks like it came straight out of the DS7 Crossback, which is no bad thing.

Sans the patent filing images, there’s little information to be gleaned here about the DS3 Crossback. We’re sure it uses Groupe PSA’s CMP platform, which can accommodate electrified powertrains if need be, and a fully-electric 450km-range version will come online later in its life cycle. Oh, and it’s got 5-doors now. For anything else, you’ll have to wait until October 4th when the Paris Auto Show opens its doors and DS gives its baby SUV its time in the limelight.

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