Citroen C3 Aircross Colour Range, Decided By You

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Online survey means we get our own colour palate.

Citroën C3 Aircross Unveiled, Funky As Standard

French marque Citroen is on a roll with its range of funky, quirky, and entirely-appealing cars, with its latest compact crossover, the C3 Aircross, set to arrive late this year. Like the name suggests, it shares more than its character with the C3 hatch, with an enormous range of options to customise the Aircross to make it absolutely unique to each customer.

Of course, tastes vary from market to market. Often, the product planning phase is conducted with high-level staff within the company, deciding on offerings based on market trends. However, Citroen wants to do things a little differently, and so you can take part in an online survey to decide on the colour range for the new C3 Aircross

Citroën C3 Aircross Unveiled, Funky As Standard
“Citroen the world over is developing a range of vehicles under the ethos ‘Inspired by You,’ and what better way to give Australians a say in the planning process than letting them choose the colours that best represent them? For the most part, planning a new model is done behind close doors. But we want to be a fun, engaging brand, and involving Australians in our planning process for the C3 Aircross is the best way to demonstrate this.” — Justin Narayan, Manager (Product Planning), Citroen Australia

There are a total of 10 colour options to choose from, with participants permitted to choose their top-5 colour combinations for the Aircross. While the colour range may be publicised now, Citroen has not yet revealed exact specification for the C3 Aircross, going only as far as saying that it will arrive with “a high level” of standard kit, replete with “comprehensive driver safety & support aids.”

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