Chevrolet Still Trying To Trademark ‘Bowtie’ Down Under

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Chevrolet Still Trying To Trademark ‘Bowtie’ Down Under

Four years ago, the industry got wind that Chevrolet was fervently trying to trademark the Corvette twin-flag badge, which indicated intent to introduce the GM sports car to our market. However, following a rejection from the Australian intellectual property office (claiming the Chevrolet bowtie badge it features), GM has kind of left it alone. 

It seems that that wasn’t the end of that, though. Chevrolet is back at it again. This time, they’ve applied for a ‘divisional trademark’ for the Corvette flags (replete with Chevy bowtie) fuelling speculation that the next-generation Corvette (which was previously spied as a Holden VE Commodore ute with a V8 in the back) may make its way to Australia after all. 

All that’s known of the next-gen Corvette, known as the C8, is that it will be mid-engined and sit on a slightly smaller version of the aluminium space frame that underpins the current C7 ‘Vette. There are also rumours that the new Corvette will sport a glass panel in the rear to show off its engine, just like every supercar (or in this case, aspiring supercar) does.

Euro-Fighting Mid-Engine Corvette C8 Coming In 2019

The new Corvette has a little Oz DNA in it, too: Mike Simcoe is the lead designer on the Corvette project, as part of his role as GM’s head of design. Simcoe is from Melbourne. GM has also expended resources trademarking the name ‘Zora,’ the first name of the designer who penned the original Corvette, Zora Arkus-Duntov, who was also famous for his adoration of the mid-engined layout. 

According to a Wheels report, GM may have already spent “tens of thousands of dollars” in its pursuit to trademark the Corvette flags, which adds more fuel to the ‘possible introduction’ fire. Should the trademark office continue to deem the badge unfit, GM may have to speak to the Federal Defence Minister Marise Payne and seek an exemption to permit its usage.

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