Charged In Seconds, Supercapacitors To Revolutionise EVs

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A research group, working with two top universities in England, have announced a breakthrough in energy storage research, and claim that their findings will revolutionise electric vehicles as we know it.

Charging In Seconds, Supercapacitors To Revolutionise EVs

The group, working with the University of Surrey and the University of Bristol, claim to have reached a breakthrough in its research, proving supercapacitors to be 1,000-10,000 times more powerful than conventional batteries. According to an Autocar report, this breakthrough could be the final step in getting EVs to run for as long as conventional, internal combustion cars, and allow them to be recharged in similar times as refuelling. The research group said that, compared to conventional batteries, supercapacitors are efficient and greener, which alludes to a more environmentally-friendly method of production. 

The claims were made by the two universities, in cooperation with Augmented Optics, through its subsidiary Supercapacitor Materials Ltd., which went on to say that the supercapacitors “will revolutionise the capabilities of appliances that have previously relied on battery power to work.” Consumer electronics like laptops, mobile phones, and tablets are all being considered for application. 

Dr. Brendan Howling of the University of Surrey had this to say: “There is a new global search for new energy storage technology and this new ultra-capacity supercapacitor has the potential to open the door to unimaginably exciting developments. Supercapacitor Materials Ltd. CEO Jim Heathcote said, “We are now actively seeking commercial partners in order to supply our polymers and offer assistance to build these ultra high-density energy storage devices. They are expecting to be in touch with Tesla and its CEO, Elon Musk, in due course. 

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