Buick Reveal Encore, Encore GX At Auto Shanghai

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Buick Reveal Encore, Encore GX At Auto Shanghai – Gallery

American marque Buick have revealed no less than two new SUVs for the Chinese market, though this writer would rather call them two versions of the same car. It’s the new Buick Encore and Encore GX, the latter of which is a stretched version of the former.

The rationale behind having a physically-larger model (which by the way should have been called the Encore XL, thank you) is pretty simple. The Encore is designed to appeal to hip, young urbanites who want an SUV as an accessory to their style-focused and trendy lifestyles, whereas the Encore GX is a more sombre, mature affair that’ll likely be the pick of young families or more traditional SUV buyers.

The differing aesthetics play to that too, with the Encore presenting a more vibrant and sharp appearance, while the Encore GX looks a bit more corporate and respectable.

Buick Reveal Encore, Encore GX At Auto Shanghai – Gallery

Beneath the skin sits a new platform, powered by 8th-generation Ecotec petrol engines. Behind those sit either Hydra-Matic 9-speed automatics on higher-end models, while budget-friendly variants make do with a CVT automatic. Thanks to that platform and powertrain, the new Encore SUVs are said to “offer highly efficient power with decreased fuel consumption and emissions,” the latter permitting the two cars to meet China’s new 6-B tailpipe standards.

Additionally, both cars will offer the very latest eConnect 2.0 connectivity suite, as well as must-have advanced driver assistance systems.

The Encore & Encore GX are part of Buick’s latest product offensive in China, a strategy that’ll see no less than 8 new models from the brand this year alone. The new Enclave has been confirmed for a late-2019 reveal, though the other 5 cars remain up in the air. 20 new models are to be launched by Buick between 2019 and 2023, all of which are destined for China, the biggest automotive market in the world.

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