Buick Avenir and Chevrolet Bolt Aussie Designed and Built

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Holden’s future role within General Motors post local manufacturing next year took centre stage at the Detroit Motor Show overnight when GM revealed the all-new Buick Avenir and Chevrolet Volt.


Both were designed at Holden in Port Melbourne, Victoria (the Bolt in collaboration with GM’s South Korean styling team).

And both of the prototype vehicles displayed in Detroit were also built in Port Melbourne (Holden is one of only two GM design centres worldwide with the capability to take a vehicle from first sketch through cad-cam, clay modelling and prototype construction).

Now some local enthusiasts have got carried-away and reckon the handsome Buick Avenir will be  Holden’s flagship model when the Commodore ends production.


‘Avenir’ is French for ‘future’ and while the Buick may at some time become an Australian model, at this stage right-hand-drive production hasn’t been confirmed…but maybe in the ‘future’ (no pun intended).

In the meantime we can only admire the superb looks of the Buick Avenir – a classic full-size rear-wheel-drive sedan.

“The designers in Australia understood the essence of Buick’s design language just as well as those in America, which fostered a more cohesive collaboration between teams, with seamless integration,” revealed GM’s design boss Ed Wellburn.


In fact some say we should be looking at North American models for insights into future Australian model lineups – pointing to Buicks being made in China and Ford adding right-hand-drive production for the all-new Mustang.

Two examples we keep hearing - the Cadillac Escalade (GM) and Lincoln Navigator (Ford) luxury full-size SUVS both for private sale and for limousine drivers (to replace the current Caprice/Statesman large sedans). Both have for some years sold in massive numbers for hotel and airport transfer operators in North America.

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