BMW Schedules Snow Play For i4, iX3, iNEXT

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Their “comprehensive” testing looks like quite a lot of fun.

BMW Schedules Snow Play For i4, iX3, iNEXT – Gallery

BMW is hard at work, they claim, bringing their 5th-generation of eDrive powertrains up to snuff ahead of the introduction of the brand’s fully-electric offensive. The first of the bunch will be the BMW iX3, which will mirror the X3 in size & practicality (albeit with no engine), followed by the i4 4-door coupé and iNEXT… thing.

We’re a little skeptical of all this ‘hard work’ because it sure looks like a lot of fun. In order to ensure that the batteries, motors, and electronics can survive whatever you & your family can throw at it, they’ve brought the impending iX3 to Arjeplog to ensure that all that it promises to be remains as it ought to be even when the weather goes all wrong. With over 400km of range on offer per full charge, and the ability to top up the charge at speeds of up to 150kW via a DC charger, the iX3 is most definitely adequately equipped to handle family life.

BMW Schedules Snow Play For i4, iX3, iNEXT – Gallery

For those in need of more range, the i4 4-door coupé could be the more sensible option. BMW says the i4 should be able to do in excess of over 600km, with the electric powertrain’s “spontaneous power development” capable of delivering a more dynamic driving experience (sorry, we thought all electric powertrains had instant power). The i4 is definitely the performance proposition here, able to hit 100km/h from rest in just 4-seconds, and go on to a top speed exceeding 200km/h.

But for technological superiority, BMW has lumped it all into the unconventionally-named BMW iNEXT, which they say “embodies the future of driving pleasure in a particularly comprehensive way.” Beyond just power & dynamics, iNEXT will offer the very latest innovations in BMW design, connectivity, and automated driving, with Level 3 autonomy being touted along with a range that once again exceeds 600km. It will be BMW’s EV flagship when it arrives in 2021, with the i4 slotting beneath it, and the iX3 beneath that.

BMW Schedules Snow Play For i4, iX3, iNEXT – Gallery

Interestingly, the three cars will becoming from three different plants. The iX3 will be built at the production plant in Shenyang that BMW operates in cooperation with BMW Brilliance Automotive, while the i4 will be the product of BMW’s Munich facility. The iNEXT however, befitting its flagship status, will be produced at the German Dingolfing plant, alongside the BMW 7-Series.

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