BMW ReachNow Cars Locking Up On Ferries

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Maybe they’re just scared of boats?

BMW ReachNow Cars Locking Up On Ferries

BMW’s innovative ‘ReachNow’ ride-sharing service, which has been operational in Seattle and several other US cities for over a year now, has been hailed as a great car-sharing service that offers a more ‘premium’ approach to the service (it offers BMWs and Minis, usually in great shape). And while it’s been going about its business pretty smoothly, it seems that ReachNow has hit a bit of a snag, specifically when it comes to ferries. 

Recently, several BMW ReachNow cars have ended up getting stuck on Washington State ferries, due to a security feature to prevent theft. A source told GeekWire that one car locked its wheels on a Whitby Island ferry, and resulted in a rider being stuck for four hours (as the ferry service doesn’t allow passengers to abandon their vehicles). 

ReachNow responded to the issue with the following statement: 

“We believe that the issue is related to a security feature built into the vehicles that kicks in when the car is moving but the engine is turned off and the doors are closed. We are working to quickly address the cause in order to determine a fix. For any ReachNow members that were impacted, we are reaching out to determine the best way to make sure they get to their final destinations safely.” - ReachNow
BMW ReachNow Cars Locking Up On Ferries

What’s curious is that the issue appears to only be affected a small number of users: With 700 vehicles in its fleet, this issue would be far bigger if it had inconvenienced more than a handful of people. Maybe ReachNow customers are enjoying their time in their rented BMWs and Minis by taking the long route. 

In the meantime, officials from Washington State Ferries has recommended that ReachNow customers refrain from taking the ferry, as to avoid any issues later. They confirmed that no less than three vehicles got locked-up just last weekend on their vessels, and that they’re “working with Reach to find a solution.” 

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