BMW Cancels Apple CarPlay Subscription Charge

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BMW Likely To Charge For Apple CarPlay Annually

BMW has confirmed that it will be axing the subscription fee for smartphone mirroring technology Apple CarPlay, effective immediately in Australia.

All new BMW vehicles sold with the Connected Package Professional will get CarPlay for free while existing owners who paid $479 for a three-year subscription will have the cap removed by early 2020, according to the brand.

Further, those with expired subscriptions will have it restored. Some of you might be wondering why would BMW charge its customers a subscription fee for a tech that is generally an optional extra with a one-time cost with most manufacturers. 

BMW Likely To Charge For Apple CarPlay Annually

According to a report by Car and Driver, BMW’s latest models that offer CarPlay requires different hardware to operate smoothly. This means that BMW has to engineer it to work with their systems and the rest of the car. Additionally, with every update or added feature there’s a possibility that it might not work properly. Given the circumstance, the brand charges customers who opt for the service a subscription fee.

The Bavarians were the first automakers to charge its customers a fee while the rest did not. Given that Apple iOS users command a significant market share, it would be in BMW’s best interest and to stay competitive to offer it at no cost. 

BMW Likely To Charge For Apple CarPlay Annually

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