Bloodhound 1,000mph Land Speed Project Is Dead – Report

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Another jet-powered monster bites the dust.

Bloodhound 1,000mph Land Speed Project Is Dead – Gallery

Bloodhound, the massively-publicised land-speed record project that had set a target to hit 1,000mph (1609km/h), is now back in the news again, but the topic this time is markedly more somber. It’s dead.

Due to a lack of funding, the Bloodhound project has been scrapped altogether, a stark contrast than the communications that the team was putting out a year ago when an administrator from FRP Advisory said in an interview with Autocar that the project was a “truly ground-breaking project that has built a global audience and helped inspire a new generation of STEM talent in the UK.”

Bloodhound 1,000mph Land Speed Project Is Dead – Gallery

Things have changed since though. Speaking to the BBC, FRP Advisory administrator Andrew Sheridan took a less cheery tone, telling the news network:

“Despite overwhelming public support and engagement with a wide range of credible investors, it has not been possible to secure a purchaser for the business and assets. We will now work with the key stakeholders to return the third-party equipment, and then sell the remaining assets of the company to maximise the return for creditors.” — Andrew Sheridan, Administrator (FRP Advisory), Bloodhound SSC
Bloodhound 1,000mph Land Speed Project Is Dead – Gallery

When FRP first came into the picture, the atmosphere was amazingly cheery. It had been estimated at the time that 10-months would be all that’s needed to get a working prototype ready for runs in South Africa, after which they could get on to the business of building up the team from the 5-6 people they’d had initially, to reach a number closer to 40, to further perfect the car to hit that 1609km/h target.

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