Bentley Continental GT To Tame Pikes Peak

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Not again…

Bentley Continental GT To Tame Pikes Peak – Gallery

After having had a successful crack at the Colorado hillclimb last year in a lightly-modified Bentayga W12, it seems that Bentley are back at it again to try and clinch a second title, this time as the outright fastest series production car. To do it, the Crewe crew (not sorry) are going to go at the world-famous hillclimb in a lightly-modified Continental GT, also packing a W12.

“The extreme conditions of Pikes Peak pose a significant challenge. With the start-line being at 9,300ft and climbing to 14,100ft, the air is one-third less dense than at sea level. The weather will also play a vital role in the run as the 90º (F) temperatures and clear skies can change to snow in a matter of minutes.” – Brian Gush, Director (Motorsports), Bentley Motors Limited

With 467kW and 900Nm on offer, the Continental GT W12 is certainly no slouch, and should put in a better time than the larger Bentayga. Preparations to the Conti should be in similar nature as those undertaken by the SUV before its run – the Bentayga lost some 300kg before going up the hill, and so the Continental GT will likely go through a similar regiment before taking on the 20km course.

The Continental GT tasked with bagging the outright record will be decked out in unique livery (like the Bentayga), but it’ll sport the number 100 to mark Bentley’s centenary year. Behind the wheel will be Pikes Peak veteran Rhys Millen, who will benefit from the on-board oxygen system that will be fitted to the competing vehicle, in order to mitigate the effects of altitude sickness.

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