Audi's New A4 To Be World's Cleanest Diesel

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Audi Introduces World's Cleanest Diesel - A4 3.0TDI

Audi has introduced the world's cleanest diesel technology with the new V6 a4 3.0 TDI sedan. 

2009 AUDI A4

The same engine is already available in the company's Q7 SUV and makes the A4 a rapid performer with zero to 100km/h taking just 6.2 seconds.

Good for 171kW/500Nm, the 3.0-litre V6 already meets the tough Euro 6 emission standard which actually do not become mandatory until 2014. 

2009 AUDI A4

At the engine's heart is a new common rail injection system developing up to 2,000 bar, innovative combustion chamber pressure sensors and an ultra high-performance exhaust gas recirculation system all of which combine to ensure highly efficient combustion and minimal raw exhaust emissions. 

2009 AUDI A4

The exhaust system is a work of art. A DeNOx catalytic converter at the end of the exhaust system has a pump which injects an acqueous additive called AdBlue which splits the nitrogen oxides into nitrogen and water. The pump's tank is large enough that drivers never need to refill it - this is done at the Audi dealership during regular servicing.

Audi says the A4 3.0TDI delivers fuel consumption of 6.7l/100kms.

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