Audi Will Be "Electrified Company" By 2030

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Audi e-tron SUV Confirmed As First Production EV Model

German luxury car maker Audi forsees its future in electrification, with more research and development being focussed on the development and refinement of electric drivetrains. This direction was strengthened earlier this year, when Audi confirmed its jaw-droppingly beautiful E-Tron SUV concept was going to make production.

Alexander Riedel, who headed technical development for the Audi Q5, said that the firm will likely be an “electrification company” in the future, according to a CarAdvice report. “In 10-15 years time, yes, Audi will be an electrified company.” 

Audi e-tron SUV Confirmed As First Production EV Model

Going further, Riedel said that Audi intends to focus on “more powerful cars, with no fear of the range of the battery pack.” On the matter of charging times versus outright range, Riedel said that “both are equally important, depending on the buyer. Pure electric range around 500kms is the aim for our next electric car, and it’s not necessary to have that with rapid charge, for example. If you want to use a long-distance car, however, you have the possibility to charge it very quickly. So you have both possibilities with the new technology.”

The tech boss explained further about how a city car with a lesser range might see owners more keen on rapid charging, so that they could ‘top off’ the battery whenever possible. Regardless of the specific direction, Audi is firm in its electric intentions. “There will be an electric version of the Q5,” Riedel concluded. 

Take a look through our gallery below of the gorgeous e-tron concept SUV, and for more information on Audi, check out our Showroom

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