Audi Readying Q4 e-tron For Geneva

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Name & sketches show it’s not far off from production.

Audi Readying Q4 e-tron For Geneva – Gallery

German marque Audi continue to show their commitment to electrification, with their e-tron SUV set to be joined by a smaller, more accessible model that’ll undoubtedly bring greater volume to their zero-emissions endeavour. Dubbed the Q4 e-tron, the trio of sketches dropped by the firm concretely establish its place in the e-tron hierarchy, and the sort of package it’ll be offering up to carbon-conscious buyers around the world.

The illuminated ‘e-tron’ badge on the front apron is about as obvious as the big faux-grille to denote this as a zero-combustion model, though the sheer expanse of the Singleframe grille does try to suggest otherwise. Flanking the grille are a pair of slim headlights and large corner air inlets.

Audi Readying Q4 e-tron For Geneva – Gallery

Moving down the side, there’s a lot of surface play between the prominent wheelarches, while the rear 3/4 shows off a ‘shark fin’ type floating-pillar design, supporting a low-slung roof that lends the Q4 e-tron a very athletic appearance. Also worth noting is the use of conventional side mirrors as opposed to the trendier & more aerodynamic side-camera option, something that the bigger e-tron brought into production.

What we find most interesting is the interior, which despite its complex dash surface and exaggerated details, looks like an evolution of the cabins we’ve gotten used to seeing from Audi. There’s the usual emphasis on the driver with its deep-set instrument binnacle and angled centre stack, which again underlines the ‘evolutionary’ nature of the cabin.

Audi Readying Q4 e-tron For Geneva – Gallery

No technical specifics were offered up with the teaser, so we can’t talk about battery capacity, power outputs, drivelines, or even platforms. It’s still a mystery as to whether the Q4 e-tron makes use of the new-generation MEB platform or an evolution of the current-generation MQB platform. On that note, if the Q4 utilises MQB, it is possible that it might not be solely an e-tron model, with the possibility of an internal-combustion version for markets less concerned with emissions regulations.

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