Aston Martin's Near-Finished Valkyrie Hypercar Previewed

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Aston Martin's Near-Finished Valkyrie Hypercar Previewed

In case you were wondering where Aston Martin currently stood with regard to their upcoming hypercar project in conjunction with Red Bull Racing, the Valkyrie, as it’s called, the British company posted a few pictures on their social media feed revealing a car that’s as thoroughly futuristic as we saw in its initial concept stage, though now appearing to be tantalisingly close to its finished form.

Though still looking very slippery through the air, utilising its active aerodynamics and air underflow, downplayed are some of its curvier design elements, looking here more purposeful as opposed to resembling an art exhibit. However, more pronounced are its lower perimeter with protruding front splitter and side skirts.

Aston Martin's Near-Finished Valkyrie Hypercar Previewed

The wheels are also quite interesting as it conveys a design intricacy not commonly associated with Aston Martin. But that said it does speak to a philosophy of essentialism, with the construction material itself likely being carbon fibre or titanium and weaved in manner to reduce volume while also maximising structural integrity.

We also spy a series of very cleverly placed integrated LED elements just behind the front wing, no doubt for the purposes of turn signals or warning lights. The rear of the car is a little more difficult to examine due to this dual-tone exterior colour, but we do see the active tail spoiler being finished in exposed carbon fibre as well as an open air exhaust line.

Aston Martin's Near-Finished Valkyrie Hypercar Previewed

Penned by F1 car designer Adrian Newey with Aston Martin’s best and brightest creatives and engineers, the Valkyrie aims to bring as many advancements from the world of Formula 1 to the road.

One are where it sticks to the more conventional is its choice of propulsion, and while it will utilise a KERS-like regeneration system to replenish the battery reserves for its electric motor, the majority of its motive force will be supplied by a naturally aspirated V12 built by Cosworth. Together, they are claimed to generate a system total of 1,130bhp (or 843kW).

Aston Martin's Near-Finished Valkyrie Hypercar PreviewedAston Martin's Near-Finished Valkyrie Hypercar PreviewedAston Martin's Near-Finished Valkyrie Hypercar Previewed

An image of the near final interior was also shared, shedding light on its upright driving position and clearly race-inspired cockpit - still accessed via gulping doors, thankfully. There’s barely space for 2 occupants and only a series of screens - including one on the steering wheel - to relay information. Otherwise, it’s an expanse of exposed carbon fibre, as it probably should be.

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