Aston Martin Wants To Take To The Skies In This Thing

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Did the team at Gaydon go too hard on the gin? 

2018 Aston Martin Volante Vision Concept

Despite the generally-dour financial environment the world has found itself in at the moment, the luxury and ultra-luxury segments are hotting up fast, with customers growing weary of the same-old approach to design & luxury and are getting snapped up by brands that offer a truly unique customer experience, translated into a ‘language of luxury’ that is truly bespoke and yet is immediately associated with its originating house. Aston Martin is no stranger to this, applying its ‘language’ to as many mediums as it can in an effort to ensure that Gaydon-ness never leaves you.

They already have Aston Martin Residences in Miami, and we’ve heard them wax lyrical through their recently-revived sub-brand Lagonda. Now though, they want to express their luxury through aviation, and have come up with a design concept which is so out of this world, we can only wonder if those behind it were completely out of their heads. 

2018 Aston Martin Volante Vision Concept2018 Aston Martin Volante Vision Concept2018 Aston Martin Volante Vision Concept2018 Aston Martin Volante Vision Concept

This is called the Volante Vision and even by aviation standards, it’s a proper oddity. Like all future-forward aircraft the Volante Vision is capable of near-vertical takeoff and landing, features autonomous piloting & navigation, and has a hybrid-electric powertrain. Combustion goes to the horizontally-mounted turboprop engine at the back, while the two propellors up front (which can tilt & rotate as needed) are electrically-powered.

Perhaps most importantly for Aston is how the Volante Vision incorporates that uniquely-Aston sense of luxury throughout the experience. There’ll be a glass canopy that will display relevant information on it, and there’ll be a cabin that seats 5 that wouldn’t feel out of place on the ground, surrounded by four wheels and propelled by a V12 in something called a ‘DB11.’ 

2018 Aston Martin Volante Vision Concept

Frankly, we’d like to talk more about this exercise in the ridiculous but we’re car journalists, so we don’t really know how to. So we’ll just leave it. Aston Martin, do us a favour ease up on the Hendrick’s, alright?

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