Aston Martin, MINI Join Apple CarPlay Bandwagon

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Aston Martin, MINI Join The Apple CarPlay Bandwagon

Two more automakers have publicly joined the list of endorsers for Apple CarPlay, the smartphone mirroring platform made for iOS devices that will allow certain apps to be used natively through the car’s infotainment interface - though the processing and data connections themselves are done through the device, via Bluetooth or cable.

The Apple-centric website 9to5Mac noticed that two new marques have been added to the running collection on the CarPlay page on Apple’s website. Specifically, they are rather iconic and sufficiently British Aston Martin and MINI.

Aston Martin, MINI Join The Apple CarPlay BandwagonAston Martin, MINI Join The Apple CarPlay Bandwagon

The rollout of hardware and software support to their specific infotainment systems will be gradual, but are confirmed for more than a few models. For Aston, they will include the 2017 Vantage, 2017 Vanquish, 2017 Rapide and 2017 DB9 Volante. Curiously, no mention was made of the feature coming to their newest car, the DB11. Ostensibly, only cars with their most recent AMi III infotainment unit will be able to support CarPlay.

MINI, on the other hand, will be adding CarPlay support to their 2018 Clubman and 2018 Countryman. That is, assuming the owner selects the optional Tech Pack or Media Pack XL on either car. Just like parent company BMW, MINI are choosing to treat CarPlay as a premium feature that even owners of premium cars will have to pay an additional amount to enjoy. Can’t say we support that line of thinking.

Aston Martin, MINI Join The Apple CarPlay BandwagonAston Martin, MINI Join The Apple CarPlay Bandwagon

Speaking of premium, with the addition of the Aston Martin Vanquish to the list of compatible cars, the CarPlay isle just got slightly more premium as it already includes nearly all the current Ferraris and even the Lamborghini Centenario and Koenigsegg Regera.

Just goes to show how much people appreciate the value of a simple and intuitive interface in the car, and much worse the situation is on most of today’s car infotainment screens, even the fantastically expensive ones.

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