All-New Mercedes-Benz S Class Interior Revealed

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Mercedes-Benz has issued this pic of the interior we’ll see when the new S Class sedan arrives later this year.

And it’s a cracker!

Immediately obvious are the curves (‘Benz has traditionally been very geometric in its dashboard layouts). And this is highlighted by this night-time pic which shows the abundant ambient lighting under the dashboard (which Mercedes’ calls the ‘Corona Effect’).


The instrument cluster sees two 12-inch screens with all information displayed digitally. There are four infotainment screens (two front and two rear) with internet access.

‘Benz continues with its glorious timber finishes and door-mounted switches for the seat adjustment however we not the air vents have gone round and are nicely finished in aluminium.

In the rear, the all-new Mercedes-Benz S Class will be offered with five different rear seat options. Topping the list is the ‘Executive’ model with two individual seats which recline up to 43.5 degrees and comes with 14 different massage cushions including two which are heated. Those two lucky individuals can also enjoy warm are directed to their feet.


In fact, ‘Benz has certainly equipped the new S Class for cold climates – as well as heated seats and steering wheel, the arm rests and centre console can be similarly warmed.

They say the air is different in ‘First Class’ and ‘Benz has confirmed this in the all-new S Class with a ventilation system which not only ionizes incoming air (just the thing for ‘Hayfever Season’) but also dispenses pleasant scents from the Mercedes Active Perfuming System (we wonder if the AMG model will use scents from the mountains surrounding the Nurburgring race circuit).

Mercedes-Benz will launch the all-new S Class in Europe in may with Australian sales to follow late this year.

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