A Range Rover Coupe Can Still Be Had, For $700k

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For those who need less money & fewer doors in their lives.

A Range Rover Coupe Can Still Be Had, For $700k – Gallery

It was earlier this year that Jaguar-Land Rover, as part of an aggressive cost-cutting exercise, announced that its beautiful Range Rover SV Coupé would not be going into production. The SV Coupé was an homage to the original Range Rover, which debuted back in 1970 with just two doors (how it remained for the first 11-years of its life). When it was announced and publicly-debuted we gasped as how astonishingly beautiful it was in the metal, and we were a little sad (but not very) when JLR said that they couldn’t make them.

But not to worry. If you’re ludicrously wealthy and, when JLR announced the demise of the Range Rover SV Coupé, had to wipe tears away with $100 notes, fret not. Coachbuilding firm Niels van Roji Design, based in London, have announced that they will be opening 100 production slots to provide discerning customers like yourself the ability to own a brand-new Range Rover with the compromised practicality you always wanted.

A Range Rover Coupe Can Still Be Had, For $700k – Gallery

And it’ll only cost you about between £275,000-£375,000 which, at the most, means it’s merely double what the original JLR-built model would have cost you. Pocket change, right? Of course, Niels van Roji expects that even the nearly-$700k asking price will be exceeded with ease, given the level of personalisation that his design studio can offer.

“Anything is possible. From highly-polished woods, personalised tread plates, extraordinary one-off colour-coded leather hides in chic patterns, to sophisticated handcrafted embroidery. Even Tweeds and exotic materials not normally found in the realm of automotive design can be applied by our team of craftspeople.” – Niels van Roji, Founder, Niels van Roji Design
A Range Rover Coupe Can Still Be Had, For $700k – Gallery

Considering that their last project was a drool-inducingly pretty Tesla Model S Shooting Brake, we have much faith in NvR Design and their ability to sympathetically convert a brand-new Range Rover into a proper coupé. We can’t wait for someone to buy one here in Australia because, at the time of writing, we’re all a touch too plebeian still.

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