2020 Alfieri Coupe To Pioneer Fully Electric Maseratis

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2020 Alfieri Coupe To Pioneer Fully Electric Maseratis

The Maserati Alfieri, the bewitching 2+2, two-door grand tourer coupe that was shown at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, will be making its debut in 2019. But the twist lies in the varied powertrain technologies that will be used. 

Italian cars bearing the famous trident logo have traditionally been sporting large and rather sonically talented V8 engines, but with the way the tide is turning around the automotive industry, even relatively smaller-scale niche manufacturers have to succumb to forced induction, downsizing, and some form of electrification. 

And the Alfieri seems to be ideal platform to introduce the world to a new breed of Maseratis as a fully electric version has been confirmed as the secondary powertrain option following a turbocharged V6 petrol motor, as reported by Autocar UK

2020 Alfieri Coupe To Pioneer Fully Electric Maseratis

The impetus for Maserati to even bother with an electric powertrain lies in the increasingly tight emissions and fuel economy requirements which will only get more unforgiving come the Alfieri’s planned release period, when EU fleet average CO2 ceilings will be fixed at 95g/km. 

And because the sports coupe will be the only car within Maserati’s medium-term product and business plan that will be constructed with a majority of new components, technologies, and platform, measures can be taken to best integrate an electric powertrain and set the template for future electrified models to follow. 

The successors to the present-day GranTurismo and GranCabrio, reportedly, will have common rear-drive underpinnings with the newer Levante SUV as well as the Ghibli and Quattroporte sedans, making the cost of re-engineering and repurposing them to support hybrid or electric powertrains to be too high for serious consideration. 

2020 Alfieri Coupe To Pioneer Fully Electric Maseratis2020 Alfieri Coupe To Pioneer Fully Electric Maseratis

There’s a strong possibility that the V6 engine that will sit under the future Alfieri’s long bonnet will be an updated version of the Ferrari co-developed 2.9-litre bi-turbo unit that lives within the Giulia QV sports saloon from sister company Alfa Romeo

In its current state, it produces 375kW and 600Nm and even features cylinder deactivation technology to aid in fuel consumption over long journeys. In conjunction with a start-stop system and other advancements, this versatile engine should go a long way in helping Maserati achieve that aforementioned EU fleet CO2 average. 

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