2019 Lincoln Aviator Is An Explorer’s Daydream

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It’s what Ford’s midsize-SUV wishes it could be.

2019 Lincoln Aviator – Grand Touring PHEV

American luxury marque Lincoln have unveiled an all-new 3-row mid-size SUV, dubbed the Aviator. Built on the bones of the yet-to-be-unveiled Ford Explorer, the Aviator’s been given a thorough going-over by the brand, bestowing it with all the aesthetics & kit that buyers at this end of the market would expect. They’ve also given it a rear-3/4 that looks a lot like a Mercedes-Benz GLE, the wheels of a Range Rover, and a face that looks somewhat Kia Stinger-like if you squint. We said they gave the market what they wanted, not that they were original about it.

We’re going to make this very clear: This big Lincoln, as pretty & intelligent as it is, will never make it to Australian shores. It is going on sale next year, in the United States & China where the Lincoln brand sells in decent numbers. Notably, both markets are left-hook. So again, don’t get your hopes up.

2019 Lincoln Aviator – Grand Touring PHEV2019 Lincoln Aviator – Grand Touring PHEV

At the very top of the Aviator family tree will sit the Grand Touring model, which will seek motive force from a 3.0-litre biturbo V6 mated to a plug-in hybrid system, producing a healthy 335kW and 815Nm. Lincoln was amazingly coy about its electric range, though they did say that thanks to batteries stored under the floor, going PHEV would not incur a practicality penalty.

Should you not like the idea of charging your car, you can get that biturbo V6 on its own, where it’ll make 298kW and 542Nm. A 10-speed auto and rear-drive are standard, though with extra money, you can send that power to all-four wheels.

2019 Lincoln Aviator – Grand Touring PHEV

Further standard kit includes things like a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, a large central touchscreen, Wi-Fi connectivity, adaptive cruise control with traffic-jam assistance, active collision avoidance, autonomous emergency braking (forwards and rearwards), and autonomous parking. Spend more money and you can get 30-way(!) adjustable electric seats, 28-speaker Revel Ultima 3D audio, adaptive front suspension, and Qi wireless smartphone charging.

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