2019 Audi A1 Aims To Out-Mini The Mini

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Hitting it right in the personalisation options. 

2018 Audi A1 TFSI S-Line

Audi’s smallest contender, the A1 hatchback, is set to come into a new generation very soon, and the company cannot stop teasing it. Right after releasing a teaser earlier this week showing off the A1’s infotainment display, the company is now getting on to ensuring the whole world that it’s going to give the Mini a very, very hard time.

One of the Mini’s strongest selling points is its seemingly-limitless range of options. With deep enough pockets, you really can make your Mini truly yours, with unique 3D-printed parts and trims that’ll set your car apart from others, on top of the already-extensive list of colour choices, roof options, and alloy wheel designs. The Audi A1 intends to muscle in on that territory, or at least that’s how it seems.

A teaser on Twitter shows off the A1 in bright yellow, wearing Y-spoke alloy wheels and an S-Line side skirt. We know it’s an S-Line model because you can see a badge denoting the variant on the front fender. Behind the wheels you can spot a red brake calliper, further underlining the A1’s customisability.

As if the caption wasn’t enough. 

As individual as you - fit your all new #Audi #A1 with rims, roof and spoilers in different colors. #TheNewAudiA1 #EpicModeOn

The styling for the A1 is expected to be evolutionary in nature, with a large, prominent Singleframe grille as first seen in the Audi Q8, while the profile will bear more than a passing resemblance to the Audi Q2 SUV, with chunky pillars. Engine options are to be the same way too, with petrol three- and four-cylinder turbo units ranging from 92kW to 220kW in output expected (the latter figure in an eventual RS1).

No specific date was given on the introduction of the Audi A1, but the teaser suggests that the car will make its debut at a specific, special event in the Spanish town of Barcelona later this year.

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