2018 Ford Focus Outed Entirely

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Is that a Hofmeister kink? 

2018 Ford Focus - Spyshots

While it’s been reported before that Ford has its own fancy 3D camo to confuse digital cameras, it appears that they forgot to actually put it on this particular car. Camera-confounding camouflaged 2018 Focus hatchbacks have been spotted all over Europe as part of testing, but this rather colourful version was found online and has been very quickly making its rounds. 

The next-generation Ford Focus has been engineered from the ground-up with a greater emphasis toward bringing back some of the driving fun that made the first- and second-generation models so memorable. Design-wise, it’s clear to see that the new Focus will sport a design heavily influenced by the smaller Fiesta, with more sleek lines and a relatively pared-back design as opposed to the sharper, more angular styles we’ve gotten used to seeing from the American carmaker. 

What’s clear to see from these shots is a larger, more upright grille, as well as impressive-looking LED headlights on either side. Lower down you’ll find small but highly-stylised fog lamps in a rather peculiar position (but they look great), before a lower apron stretches across the width of the bumper. 

2018 Ford Focus - Spyshots

Down the side there isn’t really much to see, except for a rather curious windowline. It appears that Ford’s desire to ape BMW extends further than just driving dynamics, because to our eyes, the quarter-window right at the back looks almost exactly like the BMW-typical ‘Hofmeister Kink’ design element. Where previous generations have always offered a separate rear quarterlight, this new model appears to eschew that, in favour of that rather curious design element. Wonder how Munich will feel about that. 

The rear sees a design that emphasises the width of the car, with two-piece taillights extending into the bootlid. The new Focus’ rear is definitely less cluttered design-wise, with the outgoing model being sometimes criticised for being overly-styled. The neater design to the 2018 Focus will definitely appeal to a more mature, upmarket crowd, much the same way the new Fiesta has as well. 

2018 Ford Focus - Spyshots

There are no interior shots to publish at this time, though we understand that the cabin will also be revised and feature a more minimalist approach, far from the button-fest of the outgoing model. A large touchscreen infotainment system will take pride placement on the new-design dash, as is the way these days, and will offer a myriad of adjustments and options for drivers to tailor their Focus to their exacting tastes. 

Beneath the skin, the new Focus will ride on the same ‘Global-C’ platform like the outgoing model, though a thoroughly revised suspension setup will ensure that driving fun that was missed in the outgoing car will return with gusto. A longer wheelbase will result in highly-tuned steering, front suspension geometry, and a stiffer rear setup to offer greater driver involvement with little-to-no compromise to ride quality. 

2018 Ford Focus - Spyshots

Power is expected to come from a range of three- and four-cylinder turbocharged EcoBoost petrol engines, along with a selection of diesels. An electrified model will also likely appear sometime after launch, as the Focus is pipped to be one of the 13 electrified models that former Ford CEO Mark Fields had promised to bring to market by 2020. Given that the platform beneath was designed from the get-go with electric and hybrid powertrain compatibility in mind, it’s possible that multiple electric-drivetrain solutions could be offered, but we’ll have to wait and see. 

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