2014 Holden Captiva – Prices Cut

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For Holden Captiva 7 you can mark-down price cuts of $2,500 and for the Captiva 5 you can mark down price cuts of $2,000 or $1,800 (depending on the model)…but with lower prices and extra equipment, the 2014 model year Holden Captiva looks like great value to us.


Holden has also used the introduction of 2014 model year models to re-align the model names for the Captiva 7 range – so SX, CX and LX become LS, LT and LTZ respectively.
On the styling front, Holden Captiva 7 is distinguished by a new fascia and grille up-front while the rear sees a new fascia and LED tail-lights. Holden Captiva 7 also adds new integrated side steps for Lt and LTZ models and the LT also scores new-design 18-inch alloy wheels.


On Holden Captiva 5 look for new-design 18-inch wheels on the LT model and some extra chrome for LTZ.
The 2014 Holden Captiva range looks like this:
Captiva 5
LT 4-cyl petrol (manual) $25,990 (-$2,000)
LT 4-cyl petrol (automatic) $28,190 (-$1,800)
LT diesel AWD (automatic) $32,190 (-$1,800)
LTZ 4-cyl petrol (automatic) $31,190 (-$1,800)
Captiva 7
LS 4-cyl petrol (automatic) $29,990 (-$2,500)
LS diesel (automatic) $32,990 (-$2,500)
LT V6 petrol AWD (automatic) $35,990 (-$2,500)
LT diesel AWD (automatic) $36,990 (-$2,500)
LTZ V6 petrol AWD (automatic) $39,990 (-$2,500)
LTZ diesel AWD (automatic) $40,990 (-$2,500)

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