2013-2015 Jaguar XF Recalled: Fuel Line Leak

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If ever you thought your Jaguar XF was drinking more fuel than it should…

2013-2015 Jaguar XF Recalled: Fuel Line Leak

Today, Jaguar-Land Rover Australia announced a recall exercise for its previous-generation XF luxury sedan, after concerns were raised regarding a possible issue with its fuel line. This recall only concerns XF’s built between 2013 and 2015 fitted with the 2.0-litre GTDi petrol power plant.

According to the issued recall notice, JLR said that the fuel-pipe assembly that lies beneath the floor could have been fitted with “insufficient clearance” between the fuel lines, which may cause chafing and lead to a rupture of the system. This would then result in a pool of petrol beneath the vehicle, increasing the risk of a fire.

2013-2015 Jaguar XF Recalled: Fuel Line Leak

Of course, as not to create panic, we must stress that should a fuel line rupture occur, the petrol will leak in an undramatic fashion, and the resulting pool of fuel will likely be rather small. Still enough to increase fire risk, though. As such, we would advise owners of Jaguar XF’s built between 2013 and 2015, bearing VIN numbers between SAJAA05M7DPS92080 and SAJWA0FS7FPU88784, get in touch with their local Jaguar dealership to have their vehicles inspected and addressed at the soonest possible convenience.

Jaguar-Land Rover Australia will be contacting affected owners to arrange rectification of the issue, naturally. The company has refrained from instructing owners not to drive their cars, but they have asked that caution be taken until the issue has been eradicated.

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