’20 Peugeot 208 To Debut With EV Version From The Get-Go

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PSA showing its commitment to electrification.

’20 Peugeot 208 To Debut With EV Version From The Get-Go – Gallery

It might not seem it to you (or indeed to us), but Peugeot’s nippy little 208 has been with us for quite some time. Such a time in fact that it’s damn-near time to say goodbye to it in its current form and welcome an all-new model, and it’s that all-new model that we want to talk to you about.

See, it’s normal practice for car companies to introduce a limited number of variants (or sometimes just one) of new models, in order to get interest around the car going, and perhaps drive some revenue back into the firm (Tesla and their Model 3 are great examples of this). Once the car starts picking up speed, more variants can be introduced, as the cost & time spent increasing manufacturing complexity is offset by the initial surge of demand, as well as the collective demands for more variants.

’20 Peugeot 208 To Debut With EV Version From The Get-Go – Gallery

But it seems that for Peugeot and the 208, that won’t be the case. Judging by the prototypes being spotted out and about, it looks like the company might bring about the all-new 208 in Frankfurt later this year with all variants in tow, including a range-topping zero-emissions battery-electric model too. Specifics are nowhere to be found, but it’s said that it’ll offer an electric driving range in excess of 300km.

The new 208 will sit on the new PSA-developed CMP platform, and feature styling that bears strong influence from the 508 in terms of design highlights, whereas the general proportions appear to be the work of the 308 (as evidenced by these photos supplied by our favourite spy photog, Ferd). But thanks to the use of CMP (and e-CMP for the 208 EV), there should be great enough flexibility within the platform to ensure no trade-offs in terms of practicality and packaging regardless of which powerplant is chosen.

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