’20 Hyundai Venue Gets Its Covers Lifted

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It’s more Santa Fe than Kona, it seems.

’20 Hyundai Venue Gets Its Covers Lifted – Gallery

Korean marque Hyundai are slowly but surely preparing their new Venue compact SUV, with the cars going through final-phase prototype road testing as we speak. In one of the countries where the car is testing, either Hyundai staff or onlookers got a little handsy with the heavily-disguised cars, and gave us an early peek at what lies beneath.

These images, courtesy of spyshot photographer Ferd, shows us that the new Venue will not be taking the same chunky-sided appearance as the Kona. Rather than large swathes of black plastic body-cladding, the Venue will take a slightly sleeker approach while still retaining some key Hyundai SUV design cues like the quad-light setup, framing an enormous 6-point chrome-highlighted grille.

’20 Hyundai Venue Gets Its Covers Lifted – Gallery

At the rear, there are a pair of square taillights that are pretty basic in appearance, with maybe some interesting internals if you squint. But that said, the rear shot has revealed a very prominent red-on-chrome ‘Turbo’ badge, which suggests that perhaps the Venue will make use of the same 1.6-litre turbo-petrol mill as found in the larger Kona. If it does we might end up with a power output either similar-to or lesser-than the outputs in the Kona, which are rated at 130kW and 265Nm.

Worth noting is that the Turbo mill in the Kona is mated exclusively to an all-wheel drive system (in our market), which means maybe the Venue has an all-paw system too. It’s also possible that, given the entry-level positioning, the Venue will also be available with the atmospheric 2.0-litre (also from the Kona) and front-wheel drive. Either way, expect to find a predominantly-automatic lineup for the Venue (given the local preference for autos), though there should be a manual right at the entry-level point to serve as a price-leader.

’20 Hyundai Venue Gets Its Covers Lifted – Gallery

We’ve also been treated a glance at the interior, which shows that the Venue will sort of stand on its own in terms of cabin aesthetics. It looks almost like someone’s stuck an iPad on the top of the centre stack, though we do appreciate that it looks a bit large. Hyundai’s thought this through though with a row of physical buttons & knobs beneath the screen which, to us, should indicate relatively easy navigation through the system.

Beneath that sits the HVAC controls which looks pretty basic, indicating a single-zone climate control system, though a dual-zone could be possible for higher models. A pair of dials can be seen with a driver’s supervision screen in between them.

’20 Hyundai Venue Gets Its Covers Lifted – Gallery

The Hyundai Venue should be here before year-end, perhaps alongside or shortly-after the arrival of the next-generation Hyundai Sonata. The Venue will knock the Accent out of existence upon arrival, and mark the entry point into the local Hyundai lineup.

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