‘19 Mini JCW 3-Door & Convertible Debut In The UK

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Emissions-tested and ready to roll.

Facelifted MINI JCW 3-Door & Convertible Debut In The UK – Gallery

The hotter-than-hot versions of the Mini lineup are out, with the facelifted 3-door and convertible both getting the full John Cooper Works (JCW) treatment and enjoying a full unveil in the UK. Despite tightening emissions regulations there, mercifully, both cars are back with minor powertrain revisions that have successfully kept CO2 in check but performance undiluted.

The 2.0-litre twin-turbo four-pot continues to produce 170kW and 350Nm, with a standard 6-speed manual or an optional 8-speed auto sending power to the front wheels. 100km/h is called on in just 6.3-seconds for the 3-door, while the convertible does the same sprint in 6.6-seconds.

A particulate filter has been integrated into the JCW’s exhaust system, as to ensure a “characteristic sound inside and outside the vehicle” continues to prevail despite tightening regulations on tailpipe emissions. Phew.

Facelifted MINI JCW 3-Door & Convertible Debut In The UK – Gallery

In the UK, the standard kit list has been lengthened, with all cars getting a choice of 17-inch alloys, black trim outside and in, as well as leather bucket seats on either the 3-door or the convertible. You also get sports suspension & brakes, in addition to the JCW bodykit that’s traditionally denoted the special variants since time immemorial.

Updates like LED lights front and rear, automatic headlights, and automatic wipers are added on too, as part of the wider updates to the MINI range.

Facelifted MINI JCW 3-Door & Convertible Debut In The UK – Gallery

The Mini JCW hatch & convertible will be available to order in mid-January in the UK, with March deliveries taking place shortly after production commencement. That in mind, we should expect to see our own JCW Minis here perhaps in Q3 or Q4 2019. Prices have not changed there, which means that we shouldn’t expect to see changes here either.

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