157kW Toyota Yaris Hot Hatch Headed For Geneva

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2017 Toyota Yaris Facelift Breaks Cover As Vitz Hatch

As the Japanese automotive juggernaut previously teased, they had indeed been working on a hot version of the Yaris that’s vaguely inspired by the rally going WRC car based on it which will be making its motorsport premiere at the Monte Carlo rally later this month.

This hot Yaris looks ready for full-on production, and based on these pictures, the car bound for the motor show in the Swiss capital in March sports a 3-door body instead of the 5-door version we’re more used to seeing. In fact, this is probably the earliest yet any automaker has announced reveal plans for the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. 

The car doesn’t have an official name yet, though some have spoken about the possibility of it being called the Yaris Gazoo after Toyota’s motorsport arm. That detail is fairly unimportant compared to the technical details, and under its bonnet lies a 157kW turbocharged engine. 

Power is ostensibly transmitted to the front wheels and hopefully via a manual transmission. Visually, we see the more aggressive accents that correlate with the teaser sketches previously shown, with those red and black accents worn on a white exterior. 

2017 Toyota Yaris Facelift Breaks Cover As Vitz Hatch

The high-performance Yaris also confirms the design changes soon to arrive for the standard Yaris hatch, first seen on the Toyota Vitz that was announced at roughly the same time.  

Given its size, power output, along with speculative driveline layout and weight, this fast Yaris should give the Ford Fiesta ST a real close fight, a brawl we’d love to see play out. 

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