How easy to steal is your car

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Car theft is a huge concern in Australia, with an estimated 12 cars stolen each hour around the country. With the amount of time and energy that goes into buying your new car, the last thing you want after you finally get it home is to become part of that statistic.

Most major car insurers are able to provide a security rating for your new car, which can be helpful if security features are a priority. These ratings are based on factors such as ease of entry, ignition lock construction and whether the car is fitted with an alarm or engine immobiliser. Audi and BMW models generally receive particularly high ratings.

Whether your new car has a high security rating or a low one, there are other things you can do to deter potential thieves. It might sound obvious, but locking your car every time you leave is an easy thing to slip-up on. You may only be gone for a minute, but a car theft can take just a few seconds. Parking your car in a well-lit area or garage and removing any valuables from sight are also handy tips to remember.

For those who are willing to spend a little extra cash to ensure their car’s safety, it is worthwhile investing in a high-quality car alarm. A good alarm will have sensors protecting the interior and perimeter of the vehicle, as well as a siren that is connected separately to each door, the bonnet and the boot.

If the unthinkable happens and your car is stolen, vehicle monitoring devices can track the car to help recover it. You can also have the vehicle number etched into the window to assist with identification once the car has been found.

Most importantly, keep a close eye on your keys. As modern vehicle security systems grow more sophisticated and harder for thieves to thwart, car keys have become the new target. Aim to carry your keys with you at all times, especially in crowded recreational areas like gyms, swimming pools and the beach.

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